DNS is Ok; Uber still sucks; Facebook WTF; Pokemon Plateau; WiFi is tracking you; Sleep Rules; The Monkees are back; Kanye loves fries; Baltimore No-Fly Zone; Jason and Brian need sleep.

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Ep 173: Economy Drone.0

Grumpy Old Geeks —  August 19, 2016

1 Drone, 2 Drone, Red Drone, Blue Drone; R2D2’s final beep; No Hyperloop for us; Uber’s shoe drops; the Great Con; NASA research free; phishing ain’t just for suckers; IoPoop; tin foil hat news; revisiting Gopher; Dune in Emoji; Scum & Villainy Cantina.

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It’s getting hot in here; NSA hacked by hackers; Your Facebook posts aren’t working; Wikileaks dumps malware on readers; Pokémon Go says no go to cheaters; Linux kernel flaw in 80% of Android phones; New Audi’s will tell you when the light will change; Ford and Baidu invest in LiDAR; Justin Bieber really is a little baby.

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Sources for this Episode

SPONSOR: Under the Noise podcast

NASA: Last month was Earth’s hottest in recorded history

Sorry, But Your Astute Election Posts Aren’t Changing Anybody’s Mind

Everything you need to know about the NSA hack (but were afraid to Google)

Hack of NSA-linked group is legitimate, cybersecurity firm says

Rare implementation of RC5/RC6 in ‘ShadowBrokers’ dump connects them to Equation malware

Wikileaks Published Dozens of Malware Links in Email Dump

Malware hosted by Wikileaks

Pokémon Go cracks down on cheaters with lifetime bans

Linux flaw that allows anyone to hijack Internet traffic also affects 80% of Android devices

New Audi cars can tell you when traffic lights will turn green

Ford and Baidu team up for $150M investment in Velodyne LiDAR

Justin Bieber deletes Instagram account

SONG OF THE DAY: It’s The End Of The World As We Know It by R.E.M..

Social network fails; your friends don’t like you; flawed design; FTC crackdown on sponsored posts; ad-block wars; data-fusion; Golden Key; read for health; Meat is Murder 8bit; Mr. Robot FTW; Stranger Things; WTF America; the other Solo; Electric Mayhem!

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Ep 28: My World

Grumpy Old Geeks —  August 11, 2016

Apple hacking for fun and profit; Microsoft gives away keys to the castle; Twitter exonerated; Huffington Po No Mo; Obama and Facebook hook-up; Julian Assange to finally talk the cops; Google adds long awaited features; CVS launches payment app; Star Trek casting; Meteoric webcast; good karma gets you a Tesla.

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Sources for this Episode

SPONSOR: Linode Cloud Hosting

Hacking companies are willing to pay a lot more than Apple for flaws in iOS

Absolute Zero-Day

Microsoft’s Golden Key leak illustrates why governments should stop asking for backdoors

Secure Golden Key Boot

Twitter is not legally responsible for the rise of ISIS, rules California district court

Arianna Huffington leaves Huffington Post for new wellness startup

You can now talk to President Obama using Facebook Messenger

Questioning Julian Assange

Google Docs finally adds multitasking tools for iPads

Gmail has new security tricks to block malware emails

CVS Pharmacy launches its own mobile payments and loyalty solution, CVS Pay

‘Star Trek Discovery’ showrunner reveals more details about CBS All Access series

Perseid meteor shower webcasts will bring the glory of the shooting stars to your home

Employees buy car for CEO who raised minimum wage to $70,000

SONG OF THE DAY: My World by the Descendants

Apple gets closer to gold; Facebook says you’re getting ads so shut up; P&G goes spray and pray; Google hates Flash; Nursing home staff need to suffer; London bus traffic signs; Vibrators are at risk; Tesla says hands at 10 and 2; Uganda village wins the Internet.

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Sources for this Episode

SPONSOR: Private Internet Access

Apple releases iOS 10 public beta 4

Facebook has started bypassing your ad blocker

A New Way to Control the Ads You See on Facebook, and an Update on Ad Blocking

No One Can Stop Ad Blocking. Not Even Facebook

P&G to Scale Back Targeted Facebook Ads

Flash and Chrome

Federal regulators crack down on social media abuse in nursing homes

London buses to show live traffic updates in rear windows

Hackers can remotely activate your smart vibrator and find out how often you use it

Tesla admits Autopilot was engaged in new crash, but says driver was still at fault

This Ugandan village’s satirical videos of Silicon Valley raise a more complex issue

Communities for Development

SONG OF THE DAY: The Boy in the Bubble

Video games are good for kids; Amiga at the Internet Archive; New bad security actors; Delta goes down; Interpol goes after scammers; Wilson’s smart balls; Dogs v. Cats; Chimeras are coming; Yahoo buys another dud.

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Sources for this Episode

SPONSOR: The Grime Life Podcast

Teen gamers do better at math than social media stars.

Internet Archive adds 10,000 Amiga games and applications

New spyware detected targeting firms in Russia, China

Delta flights delayed worldwide due to ‘computer outage’

Data Breach At Oracle’s MICROS Point-of-Sale Division

Interpol Arrests Ringleader of Nigerian Email Scam Organization

Wilson Just Made the Smartest Football of All Time

Facebook sampled data from 160k users and determined cat people are sad and lonely

How not to respond to John Oliver’s ode to local newspapers

US Government to Lift Ban on Part-Animal, Part-Human Embryo Funding

Hulu is ending the free version of its streaming service

SONG OF THE DAY: Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Swede

The WWW turns 25; Apple getting serious about AI; IBM clones the brain; Watson saves lives; So does Tesla X; Samsung goes full Demolition Man; Christoph Waltz goes full American; Your monitor has been owned; Space X and NASA are going to Mars; say goodbye to Hello.

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Sources for this Episode

SPONSOR: The Journal – Kevin Rose’s once a month email list for the curious.

Here’s the message announcing the World Wide Web 25 years ago

The first website

$200M acquisition of Turi proves Apple’s dead serious about AI

IBM Just Made Artificial Neurons to Help Computers Mimic Our Brains

IBM’s Watson AI saved a woman from leukemia

Code Is My Co-pilot

Tesla Autopilot Drives Owner to Hospital During Pulmonary Embolism

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 Introduces Iris Scanning Tech That Unlocks Your Phone

‘Quadrooter’ security flaws said to affect over 900 million Android devices

Blizzard will reveal HD remaster of StarCraft in September

Apple will finally pay hackers who discover critical software vulnerabilities

1 billion computer monitors vulnerable to undetectable firmware attacks

SpaceX Is Partnering With NASA For a 2018 Mars Mission

Orkut founder launches Hello, a social network focused on your passions

SONG OF THE DAY: She Blinded Me with Science by Thomas Dolby.

We’re coming baaaaaack!

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Peak app; elevated buses; Pokemon mind control; Faraday caged bars; stupid chip payments; uber mapping; Netflix tax; IoT disasters; hacking autonomous vehicles; Australia moving; emoji political correctness; Mr. Robot back on track, stand ups; Matt Damon.

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CEOs paid to be average; Pono down; Yahoo deconstructed; Facebook value rising; 7-11 wins the drone race; Apple’s billionth iPhone; DNC hack & treason; IoT code audits; Star Wars drones; Star Trek; Moby; Lucy; drink beer for cash; meet the Allens.

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