Ep 47: Too big to goto fail

Grumpy Old Geeks —  February 28, 2014

In this action packed episode we discuss how Jason busted open the underground ring of hackers who have infiltrated Apple and are breaking iOS for cash. Brian introduces a new coalition of musicians who aren’t standing for it any more. And more!

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Show Notes

A common theme we generally lead the charge on…

More follow up on the sad state of the music industry (and creative types in general)
Oh hey. This whole .000000000001 cent a play thing kinda isn’t cool.

A big thank you to Robin Botta who donated through our PayPal link on the website and keeps us in bandwidth this week! Thank you very much Robin!

Our comment of the week comes from Daytripper, following us on Twitter at https://twitter.com/GOGPodcast. Daytripper wants to know how Jason and I met.


Check out Boxtop on the way back machine.

Check out Boxtop on the Wayback Machine!

Check out Spew on the Wayback Machine! NSFW

Check out Spew on the Wayback Machine! NSFW

Has bitcoin bit the dust yet?





Let’s talk about Net Neutrality





All your gods are dead

Influx by Daniel Suarez
I pre-ordered this on Audible and Amazon in hopes of trying the new Whisper-sync but it’s not available. I then got a refund from Audible but found out a new thing about the return policy. You can only do 3 returns through the web interface. If you want to do any more returns you must do it over the phone or online chat. I did the online chat route and it was painless and I had my credit back in short order and bought a new book. I got Doctor Sleep based on Brians recommendation and the new book in the METAtropolis series. I’ll be reviewing the new METAtropolis in the next episode.

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Author Website

On Twitter

The Atlantis Plague: A Thriller (The Origin Mystery, Book 2)

Buy Now

Not bad. Definitely better writing. Won’t let go of the ridiculous love story but at least it wasn’t quite as heavy handed. Enjoying the concept overall, and will read the third (and hopefully final) book in the series. Time to wrap it up, A.G.


Unibox Follow Up – So far it’s incredible and JPD is still loving it. Biggest complaint is that in the compose message window pane the Subject is first. This counteracts 20 years of email clients having the order of To:, From, Subject. Don’t mess with convention that’s not actually broken. And with that said if they could hurry up and put out an matching iOS app we’d be appreciative because now Jason has 2 conflicting mail organizational systems in play with Unibox on the desktop and Mailbox App on the iPhone and iPad. I do love them both in their own different ways but whoever has cradle to grave coverage (or at least crapper to desk to bed coverage) will get my support.

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Godsend feature number one: When copying and pasting formatted text into the hackpad it reformats it on the fly to be plain. This is the biggest pain in the ass when using other shared boards and in my book makes this the winner of the year. Toss in a shout to our old friends over at Mammoth since they were cool but we just ended up needing different features and went our separate ways.

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Status Board by Panic

TLDR; Steamy pile of shit not nearly worth $20 plus an in-app up-sell of $19.99 just to project on your HDTV that you can technically do for free with AirPlay and an AppleTV.

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GCHQ is watching you masturbate



Goto Fail Links





Holy Stomping
Monty Python web game.

Blondie Jason demoing to Eric Idle!

Blondie Jason demoing to Eric Idle!

Thabto designs

They make my favorite brass knuckles mug. Sadly you can only get it in duotone nowadays. I prefer the all white version. I had one with blood splatters but it grossed out all the ladies.

The jpegs are clever but way overpriced. Make your own at home.

The wonkey is the most useful product they make but who wants to carry around a table shiv for the .00000001% of the time you’ll actually need it?

xkcd Time Zone graphic
Love this. Don’t check the site out enough.


3 responses to Ep 47: Too big to goto fail

  1. Shownotes!shownotes!shownotes! Where are the shownotes!

  2. Sorry about that. Brian was busy today so I had to edit and publish the show as well as do the show notes so I’m a bit behind. Enjoy!

  3. I work for Panic on Status Board, and I wanted to clarify one thing: AirPlay and our HD-Out function (which is an in-app purchase) aren’t quite the same thing.

    AirPlay for apps (watching an app, as opposed to watching video) mimics the 4:3 aspect ratio of the screen. If you want a full 16:9 status board, I had to write separate routines to handle that. (It was non-trivial, by the way, considering the way everything is drawn and laid out has to change to ensure a pixel-perfect image on that external monitor.)

    We charge for it because 1) it’s a lot of additional functionality that many people won’t use and wouldn’t want that cost embedded in the base price, and 2) workgroups are the ones that use video-out the most. It seemed not-unreasonable to charge an additional fee if many people are utilizing the board rather than just one.

    That’s the logic, anyway, We’re always evaluating how this works and are happy to hear feedback.